Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement Treatment in Delhi

Penile length is a matter of concern for all men. Length, circumference and function remain the point of concern for all men. The size of penis varies from person to person.Penis has no bone in it. It is because of rush of blood flow into the penis that causes erection. The size of the penis has no relation with size of man’s hand or feet. Adult penis size is between 8.5-10.5 cms (3-4 inches) long when soft, and between 15-18 cms (6-7 inches) when hard. You can break your penis, if twisted when erect, it can break. Flaccid penis has different size and the erect penile size is different.

Causes of Penile Shortening

Penile shortening is in real and is associated with some medical conditions. This is seen in patients with history of prostate cancer or underwent prostatectomy, history of peronei’s disease and congenital anomalies. Erectile Dysfunction is the common reason behind penile shortening.

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